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“Dress like a man, not a man-child” – Julius Caesar

“Backpacks are for losers.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Backpacks? More like ‘Stay-Single-Foreverpacks!'” – Giacomo Casanova

Love Thy Gramercy Bag…

The Hudson

I cannot say enough good things about this bag. The quality of the leather is unmatched. It is high quality and has held up even through airport travel. Then there is style – all young adults should have a leather duffel. It is the sign that you have become a man. I have been complimented numerous times on the quality of the bag by both strangers on the street and co-workers. It truly is a status symbol so do yourself a favor and get it monogrammed. You will not regret this purchase one bit, the only thing you will regret is all the trips you took with that same worn Nike duffel and thought you looked cool.

Peter Salazar

The Rockefeller

The perfect bag for the young, stylish, and busy professional. The satchel itself is lightweight yet spacious. There are plenty of pockets and spaces to keep all of your belongings without being a maze. Magnetic clamps allow for easy open and close access. Also, it is the perfect shade of brown to go with many different leather accessories. Highly recommended.

Vish Burra