So you want to be a dropshipper, eh? Or is it a wholesaler? Well great! We’d love to bring you on board. We want to spread the good word of Gramercy Supply in every way possible.

If selected as a dropshipper, there will be a one time fee before the process begins. How does it work? Well, your company will receive a discount code on select models. You market the bags and, when a sale is made, you send it to us, we process it, and ship it out. Simple!

In addition, we offer a wholesale program. In this program, your company would buy our bags in larger quantities (minimum 10) for a larger discount. The discount depends on which model you’re interested in. This program is much better for companies with storefronts and shops to display the bags.

Below, please fill out our application to tell us why you should be a partner. Please specify which program you are interested in. We will contact you back once your application is reviewed and guide you through the rest of the process.