Love the bags? Hate the backpack? Want to work for the coolest company this side of the East River? Then boy do we have a proposition for you!

Webster defines “Grambassador” as “A stylish, handsome, and sophisticated man devoted to ending the backpack’s evil reign of terror, also known as ‘the Curse of the Canvas,’ and to helping each and every man exceed New York’s lofty standards of fashion.” Well, they will define it like that once they read the emails we sent them. The Grambassador Program is more than just a fun partnership between Gramercy Supply Co. and you, it’s an experience that will provide you with more benefits than universal healthcare.

All jokes aside, we are looking for enthusiastic, motivated, and of course, indisputably fashionable young men to promote Gramercy Supply’s products, brand, and mission to everyone in their vicinity, whether it be their city, college campus, or polo team. Our program will provide you with experience applicable to many different industries. It will be something you can thank for getting you to your future position as “Executive Hotshot” at a high-end Madison Avenue ad agency or “President of Awesome” at SoHo’s newest and trendiest fashion outlet.

To apply, fill out our application below. In addition to providing us with your personal and contact information, we require applicants to submit a short write-up explaining a bit about yourself, stating why you should be chosen as an Official Grambassador, and what you would do to help our mission. Enthusiasm, creativity, and humor are expected, as we do not want to perpetuate the belief that Millennials are lazy, unmotivated free riders. For further details on the program or answers to any of your questions, please contact

It’s time we set things straight in men’s fashion once and for all.

Grambassadors of the world, unite!

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