The Beginning...

It all began on a cool, windy, autumn night at a diner on 21st street. After a night out filled with models, expensive clubs, and a guest appearance from Steve Buscemi, the four of us sat down for some much needed midnight grub. Sitting just beneath the glowing neon sign on the window, we sipped our coffee and laughed about the happenings of our night. Then, all at once, our  whole world changed.

In walked a man, no more than 25 years old, dressed exquisitely. This guy could have had it all… had he not made one fatal mistake. He was wearing a backpack!  And not just any backpack, one of those backpacks that could fit a medium-sized child inside of it. One of those backpacks with more pockets than a cargo shorts factory.

We were speechless. Triumphantly, Guillaume said, “This can’t go on any longer. We need to make a change.”  Kyle chimed in with a, “You’re right. We New Yorkers, nay, men as a whole, deserve better. We need to provide the top quality.” Then Gavin (shocker!), added, “But we need to remember affordability! We can’t hang our fellow fashionable men of the world out to dry!” Finally, Nassim, said, “Guys, we must search the world for proper leather to craft these bags.” We soon left the diner and began walking the neighborhood to work out the details of our new movement. When it came to choosing a name, we knew there was no better than our beloved neighborhood park: Gramercy.

Gramercy Park...

“What’s Gramercy park?” Unfortunately, if you don’t live in the greater New York City area, you may be asking yourself this question. Well, the word “Gramercy” comes from the Dutch phrase “krom moerasje,” meaning “crooked, little swamp,” and that’s exactly what it was.

Where today’s Gramercy park is located, E. 21st Street and Lexington Avenue, used to be a swamp. An ugly, dirty, Florida Everglades-esque swamp. Since then, it’s become one of the most the most beautiful and high-class parks on earth. It is currently New York’s only private park, only available to those who can afford the multi-million dollar homes that surround the park. Talk about a transformation.

Basically, if you’re in Gramercy park, you’ve made it in life. While the dream of making this transformation from swamp to high society can’t be realized by everyone, we feel we can provide the first step on that path. You can’t achieve ultimate success without looking your best, and you surely can’t look your best without an artisan-crafted Gramercy bag.

Meet the Crew...

gavin wax


Gavin has a sweater collection unmatched by any man. He’s  from Queens and (for some reason) is very proud of that fact. He is cheap, he loves bagels with lox, and he could do your taxes in under 10 minutes. Gavin has a professional, sophisticated look and can be found carrying his Hudson bag with him on his frequent travels to and from the Hamptons.


The name “Nassim,” in Moroccan Arabic, means “The King of Leather.” Don’t look it up, just trust us on that one. A suave gentleman, he could recite poetry to you in 12 different languages while driving on the wrong side of the road. Nassim is a rugged character and loves his Bowery bag, often wearing it when he visits modern art galleries and when shopping at Whole Foods.


Guillaume comes from the quaint Belgian town of Zwankendamme von Stuivekenskerke-Vresse-sur-Semois. Though he first came to New York on a study abroad program through his university, he feels he embodies the true immigrant struggle of New York. Guillaume, like Billy Joel, is a downtown man. He’s got his signature Metropolitan bag with him at all times, day and night. Even while sleeping.


Kyle is about 6’1” and has some of the boniest shoulders you could ever imagine. He loves Gershwin songs, Steinbeck novels, and putting mayonnaise on his pastrami sandwiches.  He sports The Caulfield everywhere he goes, including hangouts with his good friend, Harrison Ford. (Okay, they don’t hang out, but Kyle did meet him once on Central Park West when he was 4 years old.)