Why do you need a Gramercy Bag? Great question. Well, for starters, consider this quote from the late-great Confucius:

“Respect yourself and others will respect you. But, wear a backpack and no one will respect you.”

Anyone here in New York knows it’s a struggle to stay fashionable. We often find ourselves struggling just to look as stylish as the moms on 72nd street. Then once you get on their level, you realize that you can’t pay the $2,000 you owe for rent in your one-room studio apartment. Faced with this dilemma, you’ll probably choose to give up style for affordability. I mean, running out of money could mean having to move to Jersey of all places. At Gramercy Supply Co, we wouldn’t wish moving to Jersey upon our worst enemies, but more importantly, we don’t believe anyone should ever have to give up style for affordability.

And think about it. Most of the world’s best things come from New York. (Think Seinfeld, Run-DMC, bagels and lox, etc.) Basically, we never settle for second best. If you’re looking for a bag that makes people say, “Wow! You’re wearing the second best bag I have ever seen!” maybe a Gramercy bag isn’t for you. Maybe you should look somewhere like Los Angeles for a bag. But if you truly embody the spirit of New York, you’re in the right place.

Gramercy bags are made from genuine, full-grain Italian and American leather. An artisan devoted to creating the finest leather bags carefully constructs each bag by hand. We are not selling some cheap, ugly, fake leather bag made in some sweatshop. We know New Yorkers will not stand for that. We are selling Gramercy bags, bags that allow you to out-style the Williamsburg hipsters without requiring you to move back to the burbs.

A Gramercy bag is a timeless pieces of men’s fashion. It nevers goes out of style. If you happened to come across a DeLorean time machine and used it to take you and your Gramercy bag back in time, you’d still be getting compliments from beautiful women smoking through long cigarette holders. Just be careful, one of them could be your grandmother.

Our bags go beyond being a simple fashion statement, they are an investment in your future. They won’t get you into Gramercy park, but they’ll make you look like you belong there.